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Life in New York City can be tough. Yes, the opportunities take the shape of skyscrapers but when it comes to living,  space can make it hard to keep your house organized. Without Cleaning Services NYC, your house is bound to look cluttered and messy. With summers bringing in dust and winters moisture, your place could be home to major health problems. It needs thorough cleaning and at Zuma’s Cleaning, we provide you with quality services to make your home feel more fuller, fresher, and healthier.

Get Best Cleaning Services in NYC for your:



    • Removing strains from the exteriors of the fridge and oven 
    • Washing windows and all glass surfaces
    • Scrub the floor surface
    • Dusting all accessible surfaces
    • Taking out the garbage



Living Room & Bedroom

  • Washing windows and all glass surfaces
  • Scrub the floor surface
  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Organizing closets and desks
  • Taking out the garbage


  • Sanitizing toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks
  • Scrubbing the floor surface
  • Window washing and all glass surfaces
  • Dusting all accessible surfaces
  • Taking out the garbage

Why Choose Us


Living in this concrete jungle could make it really difficult for you to keep your house tidy. Especially when you have no time for that. Be it fatigue or unpredictable life in this city, our expertise has got you covered.


We have the tools and equipment to organize your house with finesse. Why go on a solo mission and try and do a job in 30 minutes which would take us just 5. Save up your valuable time and hire the best cleaning service in NYC.


Leave your house in the hands of our professionals. With us, you can rest assured. We will provide your house with a breath of fresh air without making a hole into your pocket.

Experienced Staff

We have a team of professionals who are well trained and experienced in tidying residential spaces in New York City. Our team offers unmatched cleaning expertise to give your house a new makeover.


The Best Cleaning Services in NYC

“My son had used our place to throw a huge party while I way away. The whole house was in a bad shape when I came back. I booked Zuma cleaning and they were here in under an hour. I left to get a coffee and buy groceries for the week; by the time I returned my house smelled and looked clean. Everything was done with perfection. Great job guys! Can’t thank you enough.”

“I hired Zuma cleaning for my wedding soiree. Their team was very professional and prompt. They were done cleaning the place before we even started our day. My entire house was spot clean, be it the bedrooms or the outer patio. My guests also appreciated their prompt service. Will definitely hire them again.”

What All is Included in Our Professional Cleaning Services in NYC? 

Dry Cleaning

Going above and beyond to bring you the best dry cleaning services in NYC

Laundry Services

We understand you are busy, so let us do the laundry for you.

Sanitizing Bathroom

A healthy bathroom means a healthy home, we help you get healthy.

Outdoor Locations

Be it a dirty patio, driveway, or roof, our professional will get their original glory back.

Trash Remover

We don’t let the waste take over your house with our quality services.

Appliance Cleaning

Get your appliance a hassle-free cleanse from our professionals.

Looking For Effortless Professional Cleaning Services in NYC? 

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