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About Us

A place for all your cleaning needs.

We are Zuma’s Cleaning, professionals with a passion for cleaning and organizing. We are excited to share our story with you. Once upon a cleaning day, it dawned upon Zuma’s that it would be nice to help people with their cleaning problems. We began by setting up an office in Brooklyn, New York, and hired a team of cleaning savvy people. The team was trained and since then we have been serving thousands of customers. It is our honor to serve your cleaning needs. We are here to take care of all the dirty messes, dishes that are left unattended, floors that are not wiped regularly, and the ceilings that yearn for a cleaning hand. Our professionals take pride in finding the dirtiest corners and stubborn stains secretly hiding in the house. 

Zuma’s truly believe in the power of cleaning and how it can transform the look of any house or apartment. However large or small your cleaning space is. Not only do the Zuma’s put the latest technology into action, but we also play an essential role in planning a strategy for the customers’ cleaning requirements. We also respect the economical choices of all the customers. Burning a hole in anyone’s pocket is not our intention, so we charge for exactly how much you want us to clean. Because what works for our customers, works best for us! 

At Zuma’s, we love to find peace in clutter, harmony in chaos, and an opportunity to clean household messes. No matter what is the amount of dirt, we have the best tools and cleaning agents ready to fight the war. You can rest assured that our insured service providers will keep everything in mind before cleaning a valuable antique gloriously hanging from the wall of your living room. Cleaning services in NYC will reduce the dust into nothing and every time you enter the house you will feel a sense of belongingness. 

So, when you are looking for cleaning opportunities, dig in the corners instead of thinking your home is spick and span.