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Apartment Cleaning Services NYC - Residential Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC

Make your living space dust free without any hassles.


Sanitizing For a Healthy Living

Home is is the best place to relax. What would you like to do when you have enough time to spend with your loved ones at home? Enjoying it with your family or arguing about chores? Do you know, the average home in the United States collects about 40 pounds of dust every year, and living in microscopic bugs can make your family sick. The household dust may contain tiny particles such as asbestos fibers, silica dust or heavy metals, which are dangerous for human health. Also, pets and children that usually spend more time on the ground, which contains dust or stirs.

Thus, removing dust particles is necessary, and we can help you in this. We comprehensively understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we work with you to provide the best apartment cleaning services in NYC. We work above and beyond to provide you with a healthy, clean environment that allows you to utilize your skills and live your life happily.

What We Do

We are a reputed cleaning services company. Our aim is to help our clients free up their time and ease their minds by helping organize their living spaces without putting them through any hassles. Our prices are reasonable for the quality of the job we do. Our services include:

  • Residential cleaning

  • Apartment cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

Customized Solutions

We know that everyone’s needs are different. Thus, we provide customized cleaning services tailored to clients’ requirements, aiming at developing long-term relationships.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

For us, nothing is as important as our clients. We deliver the best dry, nyc apartment cleaning. If you aren’t satisfied, we will come back to re-sanitize your living space for free!

Convenience at It’s Best

We understand organizing homes efficiently is difficult for busy people, we make tidying up the house easy for them. Hire our experienced team, and give your house the scrub it deserves.

Professional Team

Our highly trained team is committed to delivering exceptional, affordable, quality services to our valued clients helping them make their homes perfect dust-free spaces to live in.

Why Connecting To The Cleaning Pros Will Be Beneficial?

Tired of a boring weekend? Or Does the idea of dusting, mopping, or wiping stresses you out? No worries at all. We are here to help you clear your weekend while keeping your home sparkling clean. 

So, apart from reducing your workload, our apartment cleaning services in NYC will benefit you by:

Reducing The Danger Of Allergens and Dust

It is not possible to keep any home free of allergens, dust particles, or microorganisms. So, if you don’t keep up with the cleaning schedule, it might escalate the chances of developing airborne disorders leading to asthma, or hypersensitivities. And that can drastically affect the health of your family, especially kids and elders. Our apartment cleaning services in NYC will help to dispel dust, soil, and even microbes. Thus enabling you and your family to live in a house free from the dangers of any unknown allergens. 

Improving Air Quality

Anything that falls in the category of bad will trigger negativity in your life. In this case, a bad air quality can provide an entrance to a number of disorders in your life (that itself adds negativity in your lives). Of course, no one wishes to be down with any type of illness. As, such events do not only affect your personal life but your professional commitments as well. 

So, if you think regular vacuuming will expel all the dirt away, then you are highly mistaken. This is where apartment cleaning services NYC will be your guiding light. Our services will help you live in a crystal clean apartment with an advantage of immaculate air quality. 

Transforming The Look Of Your Apartment

Imagine entering a completely cluttered home. It would feel like coming to a war zone. And the thought of cleaning after a tiring day at work will make you go crazy. But, remember having a home is a one time investment. You can’t ignore the ambience and the aesthetics of your apartment. Zuma’s Cleaning will help you get back into a relaxing mode by clearing out any type of mess without any hassles without making you move even a finger. Thereby, keeping your home squeaky clean. 

Providing Certified And Insured Apartment Cleaning Services 

There is a growing number of cases where a lot of companies are providing cleaning services without any necessary licenses and bonding. And if you hire them as your cleaning partners then it would not only affect your home but your pockets as well. As they will take a back seat if anything goes wrong. Rest assured our company is completely certified and provides necessary insurance as well. Our vetting process is in compliance with all the cleaning and customer care standards. Hence, no on-site hassles or complaints whatsoever.

Providing Eco-friendly Cleaning Services 

The word eco-friendly is often considered as a fad. But, there is more to it besides the hype. Using such ways ensures that you are taking care of your environment while keeping your home clean. Likewise, apartment cleaning services NYC is also using products and equipment that are eco friendly. And it is not limited to using HEPA filters only. Rather environmental friendly mops and cleaning clothes as well. Completely chemical free. 

Everyone dreams of living in a clean house but not everyone loves to do the cleaning tasks by themselves. That’s why we are here. To help you live in a spotless apartment without doing much in the first place. So, sit back and let our experts take over for you.

Why You Need to Get Apartment Cleaning Services NYC?

Living in New York can be very challenging. You can find everything in this city but time. We all know how difficult it is to take time off from work or your schedule and the little that you get, you don’t want to spend cleaning the dust off the corners of your apartment. But then you also cannot live in an untidy apartment. That is where we step in. Our team of professional cleaners can help give your apartment a shining cleanse without making you go through any hassle. Here are some reasons why using cheap apartment cleaning services in NYC can be very useful.

Work Culture

Whether it is a long commute or a busy work schedule, there are only 24 hours in a day to get all the things done. And it is not like you can take off from work regularly. The only time you get off, do you want to spend that cleaning your apartment? Instead, let us do the hard work for you. Spend the weekend just the way you want to, while we will make sure that every nook and corner of your house gets tidy and clean.


Sometimes it is better to let the professionals do a job for you. It is understandable that you may not have time to do the cleaning yourself, pass the reigns onto us. We will ensure to check every nook and corner of your apartment and get it all cleaned up. Our team has the equipment and experience to do it more effectively and efficiently than you. Where you will spend 30 minutes, we will be able to finish the same job in 10 minutes.


If you are planning to host a dinner or an event in your apartment and your house is not cleaned, you are up for a big task. Especially when you have other things like food and drinks to prepare. That is where we enter the fray. Zuma’s Cleaning can help organize and tidy up your apartment without disrupting your day or preparation. When it comes to cleaning, we are the best in the industry.

Family Time

Do you usually find yourself in the shackles of time constraint? We are so engrossed in our work that we often fail to give our family the necessary time and presence. We understand that you have too many things riding your shoulder, so let us take one-off and help you spend some quality time with the people you care for the most. We will provide you the best NYC apartment cleaning services.

Spotless Cleaning

We feel pride that our New York apartment cleaning is the best in the industry. Our professionals are trained and experienced and will make sure to leave your house spotless and organized just the way you want. Doing it all by yourself may seem an easy task, but it takes a huge toll on you. So, let us handle the broom for you.

Happy Customers

“The quality of the cleaning services provided by Zuma is exceptional. One can depend on them especially if you are looking for cleaning services that always meet their deadlines. Plus, security assurance is one other factor that I am going to hire them for another service soon. Highly recommend.”

“The services offered were outstanding, reliable, and immensely professional. In my attempt to finding a trustworthy cleaning service for my home, they were like a dream come true. They were thorough about cleaning services. They cared so much about the details and were willing to change the position of a lot of things to get the job done perfectly. “