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Postmates tipping? Do I need to tip postmates? All these questions often make customers worry while placing an order with apps providing on-demand services. 

The idea of “when would you like” or “how would you like” or “where would you like” has completely taken control all over the country. Precisely why such door-to-door services are becoming popular in every niche. So much so that no one is able to exclude themselves with this new-age trend. 

Probably, that’s why on-demand services such as Uber, Postmates are very much appealing to the new-age workers or customers. But, is this at-will workforce making enough money to meet their ends?

As per the reports of Buzzfeed Newsfeed, Uber drivers are making just minimum wages in almost every major U.S. city. Do you tip Postmates drivers? Or still thinking about how to begin the process. 

This article will answer all your tipping questions, especially regarding postmates tipping etiquettes. But, before that let’s understand the business profile of this online on-demand network.

What is postmates?

It is a food delivery app where you can get groceries and alcohol delivered under an hour. In order for you to spend time doing things that you love. Isn’t that the reason, why people are looking for on-demand services even for basic necessities in life. These include hiring deep cleaning services in NYC. They offer Postmate gift cards as well. You can find the app on both android and iPhone. 

Just by enabling location services, you will be able to locate the available stores near your area. You can practically get anything delivered using this app. Of course, that does not include any illegal substances. 

So, next time you order something using this app, do it right. By that, we mean you should have an idea about tipping delivery drivers. But, still, thousands of customers failed to understand the importance of tips especially when they are using Postmates first time.

Still, if you think otherwise, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Postmates tip etiquettes. 

Do I need to tip postmates drivers?

I am sure you know about restaurant etiquette. So asking questions like:

  • Why do you tip postmates?
  • Are you supposed to tip postmates?
  • Can you tip Postmates?
  • How much do Postmates drivers make?

Seem a bit vague. As if you are trying to find an escape route of not giving the drivers or couriers what they deserve. Understanding that delivery services require copious amounts of patience while ensuring impeccable customer care practices. 

Amid all the requests, demands, and rush if they don’t receive a bit of gratitude in forms of tips, it would not be fair to them. Tipping delivery drivers is a must as a symbol of good manners. You must understand it’s very hard to be an on-demand delivery driver.

Still, thinking, why should you tip Postmates drivers?

  • These are independent contractors
  • They work or deliver using their own car. So, expenses normally increase.
  • Tips are one of the sources of income of these drivers. 

Now that, you must have understood the importance of tipping drivers. Here’s what

You should know about the basics of tipping. 

How much should I tip to the driver?

If you are still wondering “How does tipping work with Postmates?” or “How much is enough to tip Postmates driver? Although, there is no fixed answer to that. You must understand that tipping is a gesture that implies “thanks”. 

How much postmates tipping is good enough?

You can add any amount of tip as you like. You definitely don’t need a calculator for that. To be a little more helpful, Postmates tipping app provides 4 different tipping options. Just choose an amount that suits your budget as well. For instance, the app comes with the following tipping options. Such as 15%, 18%, 22%, or others. You can compare this tipping to how much to tip housekeeping guide.

Usually, the tipping app recommends a 20% tip based on the total amount of items that you purchased from the store. 

How do you tip on postmates?

“Does Postmates take cash?” orwhat is the mode of tipping?Often such questions make customers go crazy. To simplify this, we have enlisted some of the common tipping practices. 

  • Cash payments

Customers often search “do you tip postmates driver cash?” or can you? If you are an app user, then you can do all your transactions online. Postmates is completely cashless. But, you can opt for tipping in cash as well. From the perspective of the driver, cash is an ideal option.  

  • App payments

Most customers prefer giving tips at the time of delivery. This is the most preferred method. But, you can get things done using the tipping app as well.

  • Payments via adding tips to your order

This is mostly called retroactive Postmates tip. I am sure a lot of customers don’t have any idea that they can tip the drivers while paying for your order. 

When should I tip the delivery driver?

Now that, we already mentioned the mode of payments for tipping drivers. Here is the list of options when you can tip them for their hard work. 

  • At the time of delivery

This is the most common type of tipping practices followed by millions of customers. Although the app discourages payments on delivery, this is pretty much the preferred time of Postmates tipping practices. 

  • After the time of delivery

You can use the app to leave tip for the drivers

But, the problem is, drivers often see customers negatively who opt for this option for paying tips. 

What is the process of tipping drivers using an app?

Once you finish paying for your order, a dialog box will appear that will ask you to rate or tip the service. You can choose from different options such as no tip, 10%, 15%, or 20%. You can also choose from other options to leave a tip than giving any percentages. This only works if you are using a promo code that leaves the overall tip less than $3. 

tipping delivery drivers

I understand you would be anxious if your tip is reaching the deserving candidate. Postmates, Uber Eats has the practice of giving away 100% of tips to their assigned drivers. Rest assured the drivers are getting everything they deserve. You can also use the available balance to tip drivers if you receive a gift card. 

Are there any advantages or disadvantages of using postmates?

Compared to the other delivery apps available such as Instacart, this app offers door-to-door services for almost anything within an hour. While customers usually opt for this app usually for food delivery, it can be used for other delivery services as well. You simply don’t have to leave home or do anything. 

It is similar to Uber Eats or professionals providing the best home cleaning services in NYC where all you need is to make a call. And everything will be done. 

On the other hand, this app offers competitive prices for delivery services. Expect that you will need to pay around $5-$10 for delivery. You can also go to “blitz” pricing when delivery rates increase due to high demand. 

Ordering nachos in rush hour? Be prepared to pay higher delivery charges. Also, the cost of the order might fluctuate according to the requested services or other factors. So, accordingly, Postmate tipping prices will also soar. 

In short, whenever looking for any on-demand service applications make sure to pay the driver as a part of good tipping etiquettes. That should be normally around 15-20% of the order. You can either go for cash or just pay digitally via an app. 

With the increase in technology, day-by-day customers are looking for applications that provide home delivery options. Be it cleaning services, food, or groceries. So, make sure whichever service provider you choose, tipping etiquettes must always be maintained. 

Tipping house cleaners can be tricky. Yes! More often people ponder and ask questions like, how much to tip a cleaning service and should I tip house cleaners? The answer lies deep down in the individual’s willingness to tip or not. But there is more to tipping than independent choice. Because at the end of the day, any service provider deserves a tad bit of appreciation. 

So, if you come back from work today and find yourself in an impeccably clean home, you will definitely feel an urge to shower some appreciation on the concerned person. It can be in the form of words, a tiny gift or money. The choice is yours! But remember, be it any service, a restaurant or hotel, an individual will always find himself in the comfort of tipping the person without facing any awkwardness.

To shun all the inhibitions below is a comprehensive guide for your reference. Through this write-up, we will get into the nitty and gritty of tipping and we will also give you a detailed analysis of tipping house cleaners

How Much Do You Tip House Cleaners

How much to tip a cleaning service?

Tipping will depend on the hiring procedure. First, you have to consider the hiring company. If the company has rules that say you should not tip our employees. Do not tip. Because they may be paying a decent amount of salary to their employees. In the case of independent hiring, you have to decide when and how you will provide a tip for cleaning. In addition to this, some agencies allow the customer to tip as per their requirement. 

So, if you call up the agency and ask, should I tip the house cleaner or not. They will give you specific guidance. Moreover, they will ask you to tip the person based on the satisfaction you get out of the work. Now, if you feel the work was commendable, shower your blessings as per your convenience.

Additionally, you also have to keep the time period of the service in mind. Say, you are a pro at cleaning and you don’t depend on an outsider to clean for you. It is a good habit, but yesterday you had a huge party and the very next day you had to rush to your workplace.

Now, you have no time for cleaning and your house looks nothing less than a nightmare after a huge party. So, you have to leave the prejudices aside and take extra help. As a result, if you take help from a good cleaning company and they clean your house as good as you do it, tipping house cleaners will be a good idea. 

But if you take the help of cleaning service on a regular basis, it is advised that tipping a cleaning service every week or month is not essential. Instead, it is understood that in such cases you can tip the person around festivals or at the end of the month. 

It is vital to note that most cleaners would like to make a little extra money. The general tipping amount varies from $10-$20. So, how much do you tip cleaning services? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Factors to take into consideration before tipping house cleaners

Cleaning Service Tip

Do you tip house cleaning service? If yes! You have to keep some things in mind. Here are some points that will guide you in the right direction.

Was the company available on a short notice:

It is possible that you hired a company on a short notice. Despite the fact that you were late, the agency or the company was able to provide you with the best workers. They helped you find the perfect solution for your cleaning needs and proudly marched on the pedestal of success.

In this situation, a tiny house cleaner tip will do wonders for the workers and you. Because at the end of the day, they had to change their schedule and day-to-day working plan for you.

Were you satisfied by the services:

It is one of the most vital factors to look upon before tipping a house cleaner. There is a chance that you will be satisfied or dissatisfied. But if someone is making all the efforts to give you the right service in an optimum amount of money, a kind gesture will be highly appreciative.

Did you hire an individual or a company:

There is a huge gap between an individual maid and a maid provided by the company. An independent cleaner will be dependent on house cleaner tips. It is quite possible that they might need that extra money for doing something specific. Plus if you are receiving an impeccable service, go ahead and tip a little. Likewise, people coming from a cleaning company are generally insured and they receive a specific amount of money. Eventually, the decision is in your hand.

Is it time for a festival or holiday cleaning:

Festivals mean that you have to clean your house thoroughly. From the corners of each room to the far-fetched ceilings. The task is humongous and only an expert can help you with it. Therefore, if you plan on hiring a company give a tip to the hired employee. First, because they have to clean more than the usual. Second, festivals are the right time to give away gifts and last but not least charity begins at home. 

How Much To Tip a Cleaning Service

Do you hire cleaners regularly or seldom:

Tipping in this scenario will depend on the following. If you hire a company that does not require you to tip, do not tip. As mentioned earlier in such cases the company will be already paying them a good amount of money. So, if you hire a regular cleaner make sure that you call the service provider and clarify all the aspects of tipping. And cleaning service tip for an individual who often comes to your place will only be a sign of good gesture.

Does the cleaning company pay enough:

This is also one of the major factors that you have to take into consideration. Not every service provider will pay a handsome amount of salary. Some will pay minimal amounts, as a result of which an individual will depend on the tips you give. Such tips can be in the form of gifts or bonus at the end of the month. I hope now you know how much to tip your housekeeper.

House Cleaner Tips

Etiquette for tipping house cleaners

Now that you are out of the dilemma and awkwardness of tipping a house cleaner. Take a look at some of the etiquette of tipping. First and foremost, tipping does not mean that you swell up with pride. Instead, the essence of tipping lies in kindness. Furthermore, a tip should always be given to the individual in person. It is rude to leave a tip tucked in a diary or with a written note. 

Some employees do not like to accept tips, so don’t think that they are being rude. A simple thank you and two words of appreciation will do the job. After all, a good job deserves a tap in the back. 

Summing it up for you

Tipping is not a part of the cleaning industry. But in the recent trend, it can be seen that people have started tipping the maids and housekeepers too. It is no longer the right of the hoteliers and delivery boys. Though the house cleaner tipping rules have changed in the past few years. From giving gifts during the festive seasons to the monthly appreciation bonus – everything of the tipping world is evolving. 

At Zuma’s Cleaning, The Best Home Cleaning Services in NYC assures you that you get the best of cleaning facility, so if you feel that we have outdone your expectations. Act at your own will and any sign of appreciation will be welcomed. 

How To Clean A Hairbrush In 4 Easy Steps (Cool Hacks 2020)

how to clean hairbrush and combs? This question never hovered my mind until I came across a study that revealed if you don’t wash your hairbrush quite often, you are likely to catch fungal diseases.

I immediately looked at my brush. To my dismay, it was not as clean as new. Thus, it instantly dawned upon me that I need to clean my brush at least once a week.  

How To Clean Hair Combs

Yeah, it may sound like I am going too far with the cleaning strategy. But imagine fungus attacking your hair follicles. I cannot afford the luxury of losing my hair at the speed of light.

This is why I decided to clean my hairbrushes. During the process, I came across different ways and in this post, I would like to share all of them with you. But first, let us see why hairbrush cleaning should be a part of your cleaning strategy too. 

The importance of cleaning hairbrush

If you ever go to a shop that has a collection of brushes. You will be stumped for a moment. Because they have a collection of oval, rectangle and square looking brushes.

They are seemingly beautiful and you definitely take a moment before finalizing one. Yes, this is to say you only buy one or a maximum of two combs.

You don’t take a whole box full of combs to your home. So, our first reason is pretty obvious. You will use the same hairbrush for months and with time it will catch dirt and dust. This is why it is vital for you to clean the hairbrush as long as you are using it. 

How To Clean Hairbrushes And Combs

This brings us to our second reason. Hygiene! Clean combs and hairbrushes are a sign of good hair health. Over a certain period of time, it becomes important to get the lint out of the brush. Because it is exposed to the hair scalp, hair residues and a lot of dust and dirt.

But it is noteworthy that the more you ignore to clean a brush, the better chances you have of getting fungal infections. This is because after sometime yeast and bacteria start to form a colony on the brush.

And soon after you are brushing your hair with yeast, bacteria, and fungus. consequent;y it is mandatory to remove all the dirt out of your comb at least twice a month. 

How to clean hairbrushes and combs

Whether it is a paddle brush or a brush with thin bristles, start removing hair from it on a regular basis. You can simply pull hair using your hands or with the help of scissors. In addition to this, I recently came across a friend of mine who uses a tool for comb cleaning.

Not a millennial but social media is a great place to learn. I found this video which complements the context perfectly. 

I personally feel it is one of the best ways to clean combs. She bought it online and it instantly removes hair and other collected residues from the brush. You can buy one for yourself too and don’t forget to share your views about the cleaning tool in the comment section below.

Moving on, I have a detailed overview of cleaning hairbrushes and combs for you. So, keep reading and follow the steps one by one. 

How To Clean Hair Brush

Use the pointed end of a comb

If you use the pointed end of a comb to clean your comb you will find it easier to take hair out of it. This technique works because hair entangled with the brush is often difficult to remove in a go.

Subsequently, a pointed end of another comb can help you get all the hair out. Just make sure you pull the hair in the upward direction after keeping the pointy end in the middle section. Once you have done that pull the hair out and you will be good to go. 

Use a toothbrush to clean the bristles

This part of the cleaning process depends on the type of brush you have. It could be plastic, ceramic, paddle or wooden-bodied brushes. Each one of them will have different bristles. But the ones with ceramic and plastic handles have round bristles on the top end.

Consequently, bristle brush cleaning will require you to have two cleaning tools. One is an unused toothbrush and the other is warm water. Now follow the steps carefully. Dip the brush in the water, take a toothbrush and start rubbing it against the bristles. In a fraction of seconds, your hairbrush will be as clean as new. 

Add natural methods to your cleaning techniques

Tea tree oil, baking soda, and vinegar. These are the three vital components that I use quite often. Instead, vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents and it is one of the perfect solutions to clean hairbrushes.

How To Clean Hair Brushes With Baking Soda

Cleaning hair brushes with vinegar and baking soda work quite effectively. You just have to dip them in vinegar water for a few seconds and let it air dry. But in case of thicker bristles, use pointy objects to first take the debris. Then rub it against a vinegar or baking soda. This technique will also help you keep the brush bacteria-free. 

Wash your hairbrush

If you are not a big fan of cleaning. You definitely won’t pay attention to a tiny hairbrush. But here’s what you can do to wash your comb. Shampoo your brush once in a month and remove the debris thoroughly. Make sure you clean the inner surface with a hairbrush cleaner or with a new Toothbrush.

Wooden-Bodied Brushes

Because with time sticky debris starts accumulating inside the brush and on the edges and it can be removed with the help of scrubbing.

Summing it up

Combing is an integral part of our lives. You should not ignore cleaning combs and brushes. It will hardly take you two to three minutes to clean a hairbrush. So, make a pact with your comb today and promise yourself that you will clean your comb or hairbrush at least once a week.

I hope all the cleaning methods mentioned-above will help your hair stay healthy. 

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