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As I was growing up, my mom always ‘pushed’ me to clean my room regularly. And just like any careless kid as I was, I never liked it. But, she made sure that I make this a habit, a habit of cleaning my room regularly. And now that I have grown up, I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of cleaning my house. Whether it’s my workplace or home, I always make sure that it’s clean.
But, why is it so important? There are many health benefits associated with a clean house that most people have no idea about. I know, it’s hard to find the motivation to get up and clean your house. I feel you, I have been in that place. I was lazy and always tried to avoid the cleaning work as much as I could. Also, for most people, it’s hard to find time from their busy schedules to clean their houses. Or just get too tired after working all day long. Due to which they avoid cleaning their houses. If you are also dealing with these problems, then don’t worry, I have a solution for you. You can hire home cleaning services in NYC for your help. While these professionals clean your house, you can utilize that time for your other works, or just relax.

Still not convinced, why cleaning your house is important? Here are the top 3 benefits of cleaning your house that might surprise you.


1. Are You Not Able to Get a Better Sleep?

Is it getting difficult for you to sleep well? Have you ever thought of the reasons why you are feeling this way? Well, you’re not the only person who is going through something like this.

There are a lot of people who find it difficult to get good sleep at night. One of the reasons why we don’t get a good night’s sleep is that our minds are full. It’s full of different thoughts and stresses of work and life. This also includes the mess we have created in our bedrooms. A study by the National Sleep Foundation showed that people who had clean sheets and clean rooms were having an easier time sleeping than those with dirty rooms and sheets. So, we can undoubtedly support the quote “clean house, clean mind”.


2. How Can a Clean House Improve Your Mental Health?

It’s time to do some decluttering and clean your house. Follow the advice your mom used to give to you about cleaning your house. Most importantly for your mental health. As I told you, a clean house can impact your mind and sleep, similarly, it can also affect your mental health.

Your dirty clothes, your kids’ toys, dirty coffee mugs, crusted spills, or anything else that is not at the place where it belongs. All these things can be the reasons for your stress, anxiety, and depression. Not good for your mental health, right? But, you can simply protect yourself from this just by cleaning your house, so why not do this!


3. Say Goodbye to The Allergies

Do you know the best way to get rid of allergies? To not let them get near you in the first place. Allergies can be caused by dust and other irritants. Some of these allergies can cause nasal congestion, skin infection, cough, watery eyes, labored breathing, and runny nose.

The best way to deal with these allergies is to start sweeping, dusting and vacuuming. It will keep you safe from dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that are responsible for cold and flu-like symptoms.



So, now you have learned about all the health benefits you can get just by cleaning your house. You know now what’s the first thing you have to do once you get home. And if you don’t have much time or energy, or are just lazy like me, hire home cleaning services in NYC for your help. Stay clean, stay healthy!

It was a Sunday afternoon. I briskly walked through the pavement to reach the grocer’s store. Now don’t say who spends Sunday in stores or with apartment cleaning? Not that I intended, but shopping essential house-hold items on a Sunday is not a bad idea. But who knew that fate had decided something else for me. On my way to the store, I met an old friend from school. The excitement was par excellence. We decided to hang out together and she took me to his friend’s house. 

As soon as I entered, to my dismay all I could see was scattered pieces of dirt here and there. They came in all shapes and sizes. The big ones in the form of unwashed utensils in the dishwasher, the tiny ones relaxing on the sofas, tables, and bed. Also, everywhere else!

There was an instant urge to walk out of the apartment. But I stayed and gave the following tips to my friend. Even you can use these tips to keep your house clean and avoid embarrassing first impressions. 

Keep large flat empty surfaces clear

The idea behind this cleaning strategy is that you will be able to keep everything organized. It’s a human tendency to use large and empty spaces to keep objects. This results in mismanagement. 

Everything in your house belongs to a specific section. Don’t replace their position. Now, imagine you took a glass out of the cupboard. Drank water out of it and instead of washing it and placing it in the right region, you decided to leave it on the kitchen counter. This continued for days and soon that empty counter was surrounded with glasses, plates, (unwashed of course) and several other items. 

The litter grew because you decided to treat those large empty surfaces as litter trays. So, make sure you put the item back after use. 

Think clean and you will act clean

Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. Apartment cleaning can make a huge difference in how you think. Also, by thinking clean you are doing yourself a favor. You are avoiding future messes and cleaning without taking a sweat off. It involves taking off shoes at the door and changing before gliding onto the bed.

Cleaning Services

Taking off shoes will restrict the dirt from entering the rooms. Best cleaning services in NYC are of the view that sitting on the bed with outside clothes on can spread several germs. You can start thinking clean and your home will definitely stay clean. 

Make music your cleaning partner

We all know that cleaning is not fun. But there are ways to add a little bit of fun to home cleaning. Put on your favorite music, dance to its beat and sing at the top of your voice. Enjoy every bit of your favorite music while you wash the pile of dishes lying in the sink. 

This is the best way to distract yourself and clean like a pro. Not only this cleaning will also help you stay fit. You will shed so many calories dancing and cleaning at the same time. So, have fun cleaning. 

Don’t wait until the bomb takes off

Most people wait until realization dawns on them. But its too late by then. The house is exploded with dirt and foul odor in every corner of the house. Not too late for a thorough clean up though. But the task is ginormous. Even one look at the mess can give you major throw up feels. 

So, clean as you go. Wash the dishes daily, put the clothes in the laundry, try organizing your schedule. Organizing your schedule will help you a lot. You will get up on time, fold your blanket, make the bed before you even start your day. 

But the story does not end here. After I finished telling my ‘not cleanliness friendly friend’ all the aspects by cleaning. He immediately retorted by saying that I will hire a good cleaning service in New York. Do you have any contacts? At least one thing was clear that he is lazy. Lazy people will look for an easy way out than working hard. So, I am sure he hired an apartment cleaning service to make his work easy after I left to buy groceries from the nearby store. 

Cleaning services experts coming to the rescue.” Isn’t this what you dream of every day?

But, often the reality fades away this beautiful dream. Usually, it leaves you with-

Unwashed dishes piled over one another, pet dander over the carpets, cluttered rooms everywhere. 

However, I am sure no one would like a home that’s messy and untidy. As living in such a home can add to your miseries that always results in building up of stress. 

And if that place is your kitchen, then it can definitely create a mini typhoon in your lives.

But, if you maintain a regular checklist, it will make a lot of difference in the energy spend on cleaning a home. 

However, before indulging into a different checklist of cleaning services that you will have to perform. 

Here are some of the types of cleaning that you should include in your schedule every now and then depending on the requirements. 

  • Daily 

In this make sure you clean all the cluttered things here and there along with wiping the countertops. Along with this make sure to clear out trash and make beds. 

These will help to make your home clean on a daily basis while ensuring minimal dirt around any area. 

  • Weekly

Make sure mop the floors and scrub the bathroom surfaces. Vacuuming should be among one of the priorities for all the furniture and rooms. 

Clear off your refrigerators with any expired food and wipe down appliances along with changing the sheets of your beds.

  • Monthly

Here you must focus on cleaning vents, woodwork, clean your dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum itself to prepare yourself for another dust-free month. 

  • Quarterly

You must focus on cleaning services such as wiping off the inside of the fridge with washing the curtain liners. Make sure not to skip the dust present behind and under the furniture.

  • Yearly

You must clean everything once a year inside out. Same goes for appliances, windows, carpets, furniture. This will prevent the accumulation of germs or dust. 

A healthy home paves the way to a bright and healthy future. This is something that is true both scientifically and logically. 

One of the reasons why people often look for professional cleaning services NYC to take off some of their load off. 

The Ultimate Kitchen Checklist 

Kitchen is one of the most used places in the entire home. Making it prone to dirt, filthy materials lying here and here. But, cleaning the shelves alone won’t be beneficial. 

Home Cleaning Services NYC

Go for the cleaning services of the different areas according to the checklist provided before.

  • Cabinets

Wipe each and every corner of the area using a microfiber or a clean cloth with mild dish detergent. This will help to remove any splattered grease or fingerprints. 

  • Stove

Remove burners and grates and wash them to take off any grease and spilled food using a sponge or scrub. 

  • Microwave

Lose any dirt ingrained of the microwave surface using 2 cups of water mixed with half a cup of vinegar (boiled). The steam will fill in your microwave and you can clear out the area with a sponge. 

  • Sink

Baking soda and water can be your buddies when it comes to cleaning your sink. You can also use baby oil to make it shine and glow. 

Other than these, vacuuming your floor is something that will help to take away any loose dirt or spilled food. 

However, if you feel this is a lot to ask pertaining to your busy schedules, then opting for professional cleaning services will help to take off some of the load from your shoulders. 

Benefits of cleaning services usually include that you can actually make time for something that you were unable to do before. 

For instance gardening or a hair spa, or anything that helps you relax from the everyday stress factors. 

Start cleaning and gift yourself a healthy and happy home.

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Cleaning is an important part of your survival. To keep your environment livable, you need to ensure if it’s crisp and clean. Well, hiring a good deep cleaning service in NYC can help you achieve that. 

But, the question is—How to hire them?

We have some pointers which can help you zero down on the best choice. 

Hiring the right deep cleaning service in NYC

Experience is important

Experience speaks for itself. If you want favorable results, you need to hire a company which has substantial experience. Ideally, an experienced company can give your house an attractive touch with minimum hassles on your side. 

Before hiring, ask the following questions:

1) How long have they been in this business?

2) Do they have any references? If a company denies it, it’s a red signal to revamp your search again. 

Types of services they offer

The hallmark of a good company is the variety of services they offer. Cleaning encompasses various services which amalgamate to give the best results for you. Standard deep cleaning service in NYC offers the following:

  • Mopping and vacuuming
  • Deep dusting
  • Scale removal from taps, bathroom tiles, kitchen sink, and showerheads
  • Cobweb removal

Along with these, some companies offer specialized services. You can select from a list of services and match them with your cleaning needs. 

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They use eco-friendly practices

Cleaning is not just about achieving a livable environment. It’s about using practices that leave a minimum imprint on the planet. Ideally, you should select a company which uses eco-friendly products to offer a sustainable cleaning solution.

Use of microfiber cloths and natural cleaning practices can ensure you leave a positive imprint on the planet.

They’re insured

Naturally,  a good company is insured and bonded. This means that all the employees are covered against damage during the process.

Companies also offer insurance on the services you hire. So, if any of your valuables are damaged, you can claim for the losses. 

So, always ensure if the company you’re about to hire is insured.

Expert employees

Reputed home cleaning services in NYC are serious about the services they provide. Naturally, this can be achieved by hiring expert employees. Reputed companies hire trustworthy workers and provide them with the required training required.

Also, they conduct:

  • Screening
  • Background checks
  • Criminal records check

These measures enable the company to hire only the most suited professionals for the job. This helps in achieving sparkling results for the customer with minimum hassle. 

They have multiple pricing plans

Every customer is different. One might want customized services such as specifically bathroom cleaning or some might want deep kitchen cleaning. So, it depends. 

Naturally, every service comes with a different price tag. With this flexibility in options, you can match your needs with the best plan. This allows you to have greater control over the expenses while keeping a tab on the prices.

So,  you can achieve sparkling clean results if you hire a good deep cleaning service in NYC. With the right company, you can be sure of a clean livable home. 

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