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A feeling of contentment dawns every time you walk past a clean house. But walking into perpetual piles of dishes lying on the kitchen counter and dirty laundry overflowing from the laundry bag can be a nightmare. This simple feeling can cause a lot of irritation. But then who is supposed to be blamed for the endless clutter? Neither your neighbors nor your best friend. It’s your doing and I am here to tell you how can you fix all your messes. It is no rocket science but a simple 3-way strategy that will work wonders for you. So, without further ado let’s begin.

Start your day by making the bed

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed. I have heard, read and abided by the same phrase for several years. And trust me, it might seem like it is the most simple task but most people tend to ignore it. They start their day thinking that making the bed will not make much of a difference. But that is not true. In fact, in a book titled Make Your Bed, it has been clearly mentioned that making the bed was one vital lesson that shaped the life of the author.

So, if you are thinking why make the bed? What difference can it make? Definitely give this book a read. But making a bed is not just about motivation. Instead, it is deeply connected to how clean your room will stay. If you don’t make your bed, you will come home to an unclean bed. In addition to this, an unclean bed will fill your room with a bad odor. I am sure you don’t want to come to an unclean and smelly room. This is why it is essential to make the bed as soon as you get up in the morning. You will be surprised how a simple task can set the tone for your day.

Clean as you go

Do you see a blanket on the couch? Can you see newspapers and books lying on the table? Do you clean dishes soon after a meal is over? If the answer is yes and you clean the tiny messes as you go. Congratulations you have managed to keep your house clean without making any efforts. However, if the answer is no your house will soon turn into a huge mess. This is why you have to clean as you go.

In other words, make sure you clean the dishes after a meal. Don’t let your kitchen sink bear the burden of unclean dishes. Also, keep the book in its original place after reading it. This technique will always help you stay clutter-free.

Do manageable loads of laundry

Laundry scares even the bravest of us. We often frown at the idea of doing laundry. This is why at the end of every week you have a huge pile of clothes to clean. Which can be exhausting and can take a lot of time. Nevertheless, here’s what you can do. Do smaller loads of laundry. This also means that you have to do laundry at least three days a week. Smaller loads will take less time and energy. So, don’t be overwhelmed by a huge pile of clothes. Instead, stay at the top of your laundry game and clean your clothes regularly.

The Bottom Line

These are the three tips that will help you stay miles away from messes. But if you are in dire need of cleaning, a helping hand can help you fix the problem. Hire professional cleaning services NYC and let them declutter, clean and organize your home. But don’t forget to follow the three steps mentioned-above after you have your home cleaned by the professionals. Because one-time cleaning will not last a lifetime. You have to make efforts to keep the house clean.

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