Nobody likes to wake up to a dirty home and a clean home is a key to happiness. But if you go days without cleaning, you will be hoarding dirt and diseases until you decide to clean. So, the unfolded blanket aimlessly lying on the couch and the dishes you have been ignoring for two days need your immediate attention. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the right motivation to clean your apartment. But here’s what you can do to keep yourself motivated. 

Stop procrastinating and get it done with

I have been there, done it and experienced that cleaning and procrastinating can never go hand in hand. The more you think about cleaning, the dirtier your home will get. Subsequently, you have to get up and get done with it. Going back to a filthy looking house and waking up to a weird-smelling apartment is definitely something you don’t look forward to. So, stop slacking behind, take charge and start cleaning now. 

Make a cleaning playlist

Music is a man’s best friend. You cannot help but sing or dance to the song that is close to your heart. So, music is the best motivation to make cleaning fun. I am sure ten out of nine people love to listen to music while cleaning their apartments. Thus, if you are finding it hard to clean the house, make a playlist of your favorite songs. Now, play the songs and start cleaning. 

Take help from the professionals

If your house looks just like that of a hoarder, you definitely need help. Therefore, during such a crisis you can take help from the professionals. Indeed this is not the right way to motivate anyone. Perhaps it is possible only a clean house can motivate you to keep your house nice and fresh. Because you are so used to living in the mess, even the look of a clean house can help you find the right motivation. 

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A friend in need is a friend indeed

Are you familiar with the divide and rule policy? If yes! Put it to use. Call your friend and ask them to come over. I am sure a good friend will be ready to help you in the moment of distress. Now divide the rooms and start cleaning. But be nice, don’t burden your friend with all the responsibilities.

In addition to this, you can take this opportunity to motivate yourself. After all, no one but only your friend’s company can motivate you to clean your apartment. 

Turn cleaning into a fun game

Have you ever tried to race yourself? If not. Here’s what you can do. Set a timer and see if you can complete the task in the given time. In turn, you will be able to clean in the shortest period of time. Because nobody loves cleaning and everybody wants to get the task done as soon as possible.

Therefore, what can be better than competing against time. But make sure you set the clock depending on the amount of cleaning you have to do. A timer set for only fifteen minutes will not do justice to a house that is not swept for weeks. 

Clean as you go

If your house is clean all the time, you will stay motivated to clean it as soon as it gets dirty. So, apply the formula called ‘clean as you go”. In other words, If you see books lying unattended on the table, pick them and keep them where they belong.

In addition to this, make up your bed and fold the blanket every day, clean the dishes after every meal, and light a few scented candles every now and then. Eventually, when you come close to the end of the week, you will realize that your home is clean without putting in the extra effort. 

So, how do you motivate yourself to clean your apartment? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you find yourself amid an unclean home, try using all the tips mentioned above or else hire excellent home cleaning services.  

Tipping house cleaners can be tricky. Yes! More often people ponder and ask questions like, how much to tip a cleaning service and should I tip house cleaners? The answer lies deep down in the individual’s willingness to tip or not. But there is more to tipping than independent choice. Because at the end of the day, any service provider deserves a tad bit of appreciation. 

So, if you come back from work today and find yourself in an impeccably clean home, you will definitely feel an urge to shower some appreciation on the concerned person. It can be in the form of words, a tiny gift or money. The choice is yours! But remember, be it any service, a restaurant or hotel, an individual will always find himself in the comfort of tipping the person without facing any awkwardness.

To shun all the inhibitions below is a comprehensive guide for your reference. Through this write-up, we will get into the nitty and gritty of tipping and we will also give you a detailed analysis of tipping house cleaners

How Much Do You Tip House Cleaners

How much to tip a cleaning service? 

Tipping will depend on the hiring procedure. First, you have to consider the hiring company. If the company has rules that say you should not tip our employees. Do not tip. Because they may be paying a decent amount of salary to their employees. In the case of independent hiring, you have to decide when and how you will provide a tip for cleaning. In addition to this, some agencies allow the customer to tip as per their requirement. 

So, if you call up the agency and ask, should I tip the house cleaner or not. They will give you specific guidance. Moreover, they will ask you to tip the person based on the satisfaction you get out of the work. Now, if you feel the work was commendable, shower your blessings as per your convenience.

Additionally, you also have to keep the time period of the service in mind. Say, you are a pro at cleaning and you don’t depend on an outsider to clean for you. It is a good habit, but yesterday you had a huge party and the very next day you had to rush to your workplace.

Now, you have no time for cleaning and your house looks nothing less than a nightmare after a huge party. So, you have to leave the prejudices aside and take extra help. As a result, if you take help from a good cleaning company and they clean your house as good as you do it, tipping house cleaners will be a good idea. 

But if you take the help of cleaning service on a regular basis, it is advised that tipping a cleaning service every week or month is not essential. Instead, it is understood that in such cases you can tip the person around festivals or at the end of the month. 

It is vital to note that most cleaners would like to make a little extra money. The general tipping amount varies from $10-$20. So, how much do you tip cleaning services? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Factors to take into consideration before tipping house cleaners

Cleaning Service Tip

Do you tip house cleaning service? If yes! You have to keep some things in mind. Here are some points that will guide you in the right direction.

> Was the company available on a short notice:

It is possible that you hired a company on a short notice. Despite the fact that you were late, the agency or the company was able to provide you with the best workers. They helped you find the perfect solution for your cleaning needs and proudly marched on the pedestal of success.

In this situation, a tiny house cleaner tip will do wonders for the workers and you. Because at the end of the day, they had to change their schedule and day-to-day working plan for you.

> Were you satisfied by the services:

It is one of the most vital factors to look upon before tipping a house cleaner. There is a chance that you will be satisfied or dissatisfied. But if someone is making all the efforts to give you the right service in an optimum amount of money, a kind gesture will be highly appreciative.

> Did you hire an individual or a company:

There is a huge gap between an individual maid and a maid provided by the company. An independent cleaner will be dependent on house cleaner tips. It is quite possible that they might need that extra money for doing something specific. Plus if you are receiving an impeccable service, go ahead and tip a little. Likewise, people coming from a cleaning company are generally insured and they receive a specific amount of money. Eventually, the decision is in your hand.

> Is it time for a festival or holiday cleaning:

Festivals mean that you have to clean your house thoroughly. From the corners of each room to the far-fetched ceilings. The task is humongous and only an expert can help you with it. Therefore, if you plan on hiring a company give a tip to the hired employee. First, because they have to clean more than the usual. Second, festivals are the right time to give away gifts and last but not least charity begins at home. 

How Much To Tip a Cleaning Service

> Do you hire cleaners regularly or seldom:

Tipping in this scenario will depend on the following. If you hire a company that does not require you to tip, do not tip. As mentioned earlier in such cases the company will be already paying them a good amount of money. So, if you hire a regular cleaner make sure that you call the service provider and clarify all the aspects of tipping. And cleaning service tip for an individual who often comes to your place will only be a sign of good gesture.

> Does the cleaning company pay enough:

This is also one of the major factors that you have to take into consideration. Not every service provider will pay a handsome amount of salary. Some will pay minimal amounts, as a result of which an individual will depend on the tips you give. Such tips can be in the form of gifts or bonus at the end of the month. I hope now you know how much to tip your housekeeper.

House Cleaner Tips

Etiquette for tipping house cleaners 

Now that you are out of the dilemma and awkwardness of tipping a house cleaner. Take a look at some of the etiquette of tipping. First and foremost, tipping does not mean that you swell up with pride. Instead, the essence of tipping lies in kindness. Furthermore, a tip should always be given to the individual in person. It is rude to leave a tip tucked in a diary or with a written note. 

Some employees do not like to accept tips, so don’t think that they are being rude. A simple thank you and two words of appreciation will do the job. After all, a good job deserves a tap in the back. 

Summing it up for you

Tipping is not a part of the cleaning industry. But in the recent trend, it can be seen that people have started tipping the maids and housekeepers too. It is no longer the right of the hoteliers and delivery boys. Though the house cleaner tipping rules have changed in the past few years. From giving gifts during the festive seasons to the monthly appreciation bonus – everything of the tipping world is evolving. 

At Zuma’s Cleaning, The Best Home Cleaning Services in NYC assures you that you get the best of cleaning facility, so if you feel that we have outdone your expectations. Act at your own will and any sign of appreciation will be welcomed. 

Floor cleaning is an essential part of our lives. If you ask me why? I will say that a clean house radiates happiness. You need to treat your floor with quality products. But do you know that not every flooring is the same? Some love carpet flooring while others prefer hardwood. It varies from individual to individual. As far as selecting the right flooring is concerned, I am sure you will take into account factors like temperature, decor, and type of room. Moreover, this text is all about keeping them clean. Especially wooden floors.         

Wooden floor cleaning made easy for you

Wooden floors demand attention. First, because they are made out of wood. In other words, wood gets easily scratched and you have to make sure that it is polished regularly. And, second, because wooden or hard flooring is food for termites. So, let’s delve deep into the write-up and look at all the tips that will help you keep wooden floors clean and safe. 

Don’t over soak your floor

Mopping the floor regularly with a disinfectant will help you keep the floor clean and bacteria-free. In the case of wooden floors all you have to do is soak the mop in cold water. But make sure you wring the mop nicely and take out maximum water out of it. Because wood is prone to water damage and to avoid it you can air dry the floor or simply use a spray and a dry mop. 

You can also add a diluted hardwood cleaner for effective results. In addition to this, it is advised that cleaning the floor with a spray and a dry mop can increase its durability. So, instead of soaking the mop into the water use a good spray and you will be good to go.

To avoid scratches try liquid concealers 

Unlike tile, marble, carpet flooring wood is prone to scratches. If you ask me how? It is very simple. Just think of one part of the house that is put to maximum use. The floor obviously! You keep the furniture on it, you adore it with carpets, and your entire house is standing on it. Therein lies the essence of floor cleaning. 

Liquid concealers work uniquely. You have to match the color of the concealer with the floor and then apply it to the area that is scratched. Then smear the product on the scratched surface evenly. You can use your hands or a brush. Afterward, allow the area to dry for some time and follow the same until all the scratches are covered nicely. 

If you are wondering the concealer will go away as soon as you clean the floor with a mop. Don’t worry a good concealer forms a protective layer on the top and prevents it from the effects of water. I got this tip from good home cleaning services

Restore the shine of your floor with a good polish

Overtime wooden floors start looking dull and old. The only reason is that polish wears as time passes. Some people adore the floors with carpets to maintain the longevity of the polish. But as soon as the floor catches dust the period of polish deterioration starts. 

The only way to prevent the polish from withering is by coating the floor once every two to three years. You might think that the process can be expensive. However, it is way cheaper than replacing the floor altogether. 

It is one of the best ways to keep the floor clean and shiny at the same time. 

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Regular cleaning is the key to a healthy wooden floor

When it comes to keeping the wooden floor clean, only regular mopping and sweeping can save you. 

If you clean daily, sweep regularly, dry mop every day and keep dust the dust away. But if you have a busy schedule you can clean on the weekends by using a good vacuum cleaner and then mop the floor with a wet mop. Don’t forget to dry the floor. Keep the fan and the air conditioning on while you mop the floor. 

Now, follow all these tips and start cleaning the floor. If you have any other suggestions or queries on wooden floor cleaning. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Happy cleaning!  

It was a Sunday afternoon. I briskly walked through the pavement to reach the grocer’s store. Now don’t say who spends Sunday in stores or with apartment cleaning? Not that I intended, but shopping essential house-hold items on a Sunday is not a bad idea. But who knew that fate had decided something else for me. On my way to the store, I met an old friend from school. The excitement was par excellence. We decided to hang out together and she took me to his friend’s house. 

As soon as I entered, to my dismay all I could see was scattered pieces of dirt here and there. They came in all shapes and sizes. The big ones in the form of unwashed utensils in the dishwasher, the tiny ones relaxing on the sofas, tables, and bed. Also, everywhere else!

There was an instant urge to walk out of the apartment. But I stayed and gave the following tips to my friend. Even you can use these tips to keep your house clean and avoid embarrassing first impressions. 

Keep large flat empty surfaces clear

The idea behind this cleaning strategy is that you will be able to keep everything organized. It’s a human tendency to use large and empty spaces to keep objects. This results in mismanagement. 

Everything in your house belongs to a specific section. Don’t replace their position. Now, imagine you took a glass out of the cupboard. Drank water out of it and instead of washing it and placing it in the right region, you decided to leave it on the kitchen counter. This continued for days and soon that empty counter was surrounded with glasses, plates, (unwashed of course) and several other items. 

The litter grew because you decided to treat those large empty surfaces as litter trays. So, make sure you put the item back after use. 

Think clean and you will act clean

Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. Apartment cleaning can make a huge difference in how you think. Also, by thinking clean you are doing yourself a favor. You are avoiding future messes and cleaning without taking a sweat off. It involves taking off shoes at the door and changing before gliding onto the bed.

Cleaning Services

Taking off shoes will restrict the dirt from entering the rooms. Best cleaning services in NYC are of the view that sitting on the bed with outside clothes on can spread several germs. You can start thinking clean and your home will definitely stay clean. 

Make music your cleaning partner

We all know that cleaning is not fun. But there are ways to add a little bit of fun to home cleaning. Put on your favorite music, dance to its beat and sing at the top of your voice. Enjoy every bit of your favorite music while you wash the pile of dishes lying in the sink. 

This is the best way to distract yourself and clean like a pro. Not only this cleaning will also help you stay fit. You will shed so many calories dancing and cleaning at the same time. So, have fun cleaning. 

Don’t wait until the bomb takes off

Most people wait until realization dawns on them. But its too late by then. The house is exploded with dirt and foul odor in every corner of the house. Not too late for a thorough clean up though. But the task is ginormous. Even one look at the mess can give you major throw up feels. 

So, clean as you go. Wash the dishes daily, put the clothes in the laundry, try organizing your schedule. Organizing your schedule will help you a lot. You will get up on time, fold your blanket, make the bed before you even start your day. 

But the story does not end here. After I finished telling my ‘not cleanliness friendly friend’ all the aspects by cleaning. He immediately retorted by saying that I will hire a good cleaning service in New York. Do you have any contacts? At least one thing was clear that he is lazy. Lazy people will look for an easy way out than working hard. So, I am sure he hired an apartment cleaning service to make his work easy after I left to buy groceries from the nearby store. 

It is natural for people to react to various home fragrances differently. The better the fragrance, the refreshed your mood will be. So how about amping up the fragrance game by using natural methods.

You don’t have to use sprays that are filled with chemicals. Nor do you have to worry about the impact they will have on your skin and eyes. All you have to do is replace all the factory-made sprays with the natural ones. 

But first, take a whiff and smell your house. A nostalgic account of a blissful childhood will hover in front of your eyes. But the need to keep the house smelling good, you have to certainly make some efforts. So let’s begin and see how natural methods can help you keep the house clean and fresh. 


Yes! Flowers are one of the most important factors that contribute towards adding freshness and fragrance to your house. Flowers can make your home look beautiful. They can add a sense of positivity. But most vitally flowers will keep you stress-free. 

So imagine the amount of magic a flower can work. So next time don’t forget to but a bouquet of flowers. Place it in the living room and keep changing the flowers regularly. 

Flowers - Cleaning Services NYC

Boil orange and cinnamon in water

It is one of the most ancient and effective methods. All you have to do is put some oranges and cinnamon sticks in the water. Let it boil to the highest point. The aroma will automatically spread in the kitchen and travel through the rooms. 

It is also one of the cost-effective techniques. Let the fragrance evaporate and reach every corner of the room and you will be good to go. 

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Make your own room freshener

Why spend money on buying fancy, not environmental-friendly products, when you can save a big deal of money. Plus it will also help you, your kids and pets stay away from the harsh chemicals. 

Take an empty bottle of a sprayer and add water to it. Now select one of your favorite essential oils. Add a few drops of the oil to water and then spray it in the rooms. You can also spray the same water on the cushions, sofas, bed sheets, and curtains for a longer effect. 

Use scented candles for extravagant home fragrances

Like I said earlier that different scents evoke different moods. Similar is the case for scented candles. You will find a variety of scented candles in the market. From rose, vanilla to jasmine – name it and you have it. 

Instead of using mothballs and other artificially generated products, use scented candles to amp up the game of home fragrances. They will create a unique aroma and work efficiently for bathrooms. Not only this they are also easier to pair up with the interior decor. Therefore another way to add beauty and fragrance at the same time. 

You will be surprised to see how fragrances can add depth and character to each room. It is not decor alone that makes your home beautiful. And no matter which cleaning services in NYC, you choose to make your home look clean – without good home fragrances, your cleaning strategy will remain incomplete.

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